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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Ranges

A gas range is a popular choice for many home chefs and cooking enthusiasts due to its precision and control over cooking temperatures. Whether you’re upgrading your Calgary kitchen or outfitting a new one, understanding the features, benefits, and maintenance of gas ranges can help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Gas Ranges

One of the primary advantages of is the precise temperature control they offer; unlike electric stoves, which take time to heat up and cool down, these burners provide immediate heat. This allows for better control over cooking, making tasks like simmering sauces and searing meats more manageable.

Gas ranges are also highly responsive, as when you adjust the flame, the change in heat is instantaneous, which can prevent overcooking and ensure even cooking results. Additionally, gas stoves are often preferred for their ability to maintain low, consistent heat, which is ideal for delicate cooking tasks.

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for a gas range, there are several key features to consider:

Burner Types

Gas ranges come with various types of burners, including standard, simmer, and high-output burners. High-output burners are great for boiling water quickly, while simmer burners are perfect for low-heat tasks.

Oven Capacity and Type

The size of the oven and its type (conventional or convection) are crucial factors. Convection ovens use a fan to circulate hot air, resulting in faster and more even cooking.


Look for durable, easy-to-clean grates. Cast iron grates are popular for their durability and heat retention, but they can be heavy.

Self-Cleaning Features

Some gas ranges offer self-cleaning ovens, which use high heat to burn off spills and splatters, making maintenance easier.

Safety Features

Automatic shut-off and flame failure devices are important safety features to look for. These can prevent gas leaks and reduce the risk of accidents.

Installation and Safety

Proper gas fitting in Calgary is crucial for the safe operation of this style of range, so it’s essential to have a professional install the unit to ensure it’s connected correctly to the supply. Additionally, proper ventilation is necessary to avoid the buildup of potentially harmful gases.

When using a gas range, always be mindful of safety; ensure that the kitchen is well-ventilated and that there are no obstructions around the burners, and never leave the flame unattended, and keep flammable items away from the stove.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a gas range involves regular cleaning and occasional servicing. Here are some tips to keep your unit in top condition:

Clean Burners and Grates Regularly

Remove the grates and clean them with warm, soapy water. For stubborn stains, a paste of baking soda and water can be effective. Clean the burners with a damp cloth to remove food particles and spills.

Check for Gas Leaks

Periodically check the connections and hoses for any signs of leaks. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the supply immediately and contact a professional.

Inspect and Clean the Oven

Keep the oven clean by wiping up spills promptly. Use the self-cleaning feature if your oven has one, or clean it manually with appropriate cleaners.

Replace Worn Parts

If you notice any worn or damaged parts, such as burner caps or igniters, replace them promptly to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Work With the Best Gas Fitters in Calgary

A gas range is a valuable addition to any Calgary kitchen, offering precise control and efficient cooking capabilities, and by understanding the features, benefits, and maintenance requirements of these unique units, you can choose the best model for your needs, acquire the help of experienced gas fitters in Calgary, and enjoy years of reliable performance. 

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